Web Conference – article discussion

In web conference with my learning partner, Mark, we discussed both our trends and roles articles. Mark’s article on the roles of the adult educator explored a case study on mentorship for apprentices. This article emphasizes the importance of application, as was mentioned in my article also. Similar to my article, we discovered discussions on all 5 points of adult learner success.

Mark’s article on the trends in adult education was again a case study discussion, and focused on the emergence of pre-apprenticeship programs. Similar to my article, this new trend seeks to remove adult learners from the classroom and virtual worlds. In the case of Mark’s article, this was done by immersing unemployed inner-city adults in an entry-to-apprenticeship setting with a very practical focus.

I found this conversation and sharing of ideas enlightening and validating. Mark and I found striking similarities in what our learners require from us in our role as adult educators, and we discovered fascinating new emergent trends in our field. The most striking lesson I learned from Mark’s explanation of his articles was in the form of student feedback on one of his case study articles. The learner’s expressed the need for one-on-one mentorship due to the ability to move more quickly through the information. Traditionally, educators have paced the lessons in classrooms for some of the slower learners, since we needed to ensure that all learners were able to grasp all the content. I was surprised to learn that students enjoy the faster pace of individual learning, and find it frustrating to have to wait for others to catch up. It is encouraging to know that the learners are generally eager to absorb more from their mentors.


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